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Don Morrow's Bird Survey

Survey taken on Wednesday, June 5

The days are getting longer, which allows plenty of time to go birding at St. Marks NWR. During a six-and-a-half hour shorebird survey today, I logged 73 species starting just before 6:00 am. I had calling Chuck-wills-widows and peenting Nighthawks as I waited for the gate to open. It was a nice day that slowly warmed up.

Stony Bayou II
-- I had a pair of Greater Scaup. good-looking birds that haven't been around

Stony Bayou I
-- I had a total of 13 Wilson's Plovers, which included several long-legged chicks.
-- Caspian and Least Terns, but no Blacks.
-- 10 Roseate Spoonbill, 3 dark phase Reddish Egrets, 2 Wood Storks
-- a drake Redhead

Lighthouse Area
-- 4 Forster's and 1 juvenile Common Tern on the mudflat across from the boat launch road.
--Gray Kingbird along Lighthouse Road

There are always surprising birds and some new bit of bird behavior. Along with two other birders, I watched several Purple Gallinules on Headquarters Pond attack and try to drown another Purple Gallinule. The bullied Gallinule finally escaped by swimming underwater and coming up in thick vegetation.

Summer mornings at St Marks are great for birding.







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