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Don Morrow's Bird Survey

Survey taken on Saturday, March 17

I spent the morning, starting at 6:15 am birding the North levee of Stony Bayou II and the roads between there and the Helispot. It was very dark walking out to Stony Bayou II. Leopard Frogs are calling and birds got very vociferous as he night ebbed. Some highlights of my morning were:

King Rail (two calling as I got out of my car at the Double Dikes, both grunting and clucking calls; two grunting at Stony Bayou II; one clucking loudly at 9:30 am in the marsh next to the road to the Helispot)

  • Sora (all along the Stony Bayou II levee, calling and walking in the morning)
  • Virginia Rail (several calling in the dark at Stony Bayou II)
  • Least Bittern (single bird flushed in early morning at Stony Bayou II)

The gates at SMNWR open at 6:00 am, offering an opportunity to get in a little night birding and enjoy the dawn. Nighthawks and Chuck-wills-widows should be returning in the next few weeks as the Spring migrants continue to return.

Good Birding!







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