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What do the St. Marks Refuge Association and a flotilla of White Pelicans have in common? Cooperative effort helps both groups reach their goal.

White pelicans form crescent-shaped groups that herd their prey into shallow water for efficient harvesting. The more birds, the more likely all will reach their goal of full stomachs. Likewise, reaching our goal of supporting Refuge programs and projects depends on all friends of the Refuge as Association members.

Please help our flock achieve its goal. Become a member of SMRA, or renew your membership, today! And, you might even wish to purchase a Gift Membership for someone special. Please

One other thing. People sometimes ask "what are the benefits" of joining SMRA. Yes, you get a 10% discount in the Nature Store, and our newsletter. And yes, you find out first about special Refuge activities. But most of all you get to be part of a group doing really noble work. In addition to making a difference preserving something really important for our children and grandchildren, you'll get to meet some of the friendliest people around!

Many St. Marks Refuge Association members give beyond their membership dues by volunteering or by making purchases at the Nature Store run by the Association. Others, who are able, go beyond membership by making an annual donation to a specific Refuge program important to them. Even many Life Members, who no longer pay dues, continue investing in the Refuge by making annual donations to programs they especially value. It is also possible to make a donation in memory or honor of someone special to you. Please think about your favorite Refuge program or programs, and the difference you can make. And then, please

An Endowment Fund was initiated by the St. Marks Refuge Association in 2012 to ensure future support of Refuge programs and projects. The principal amount in this Fund, built by donations from Refuge friends, will never be touched. Once the Fund has grown to an appropriate size, its annual earnings will be used to support Refuge activities and programs. Thus, your support of the Endowment Fund now will ensure the Refuge is supported forever. Learn more here about our Endowment Fund .

Many friends of the St. Marks Refuge have spent a lifetime volunteering and otherwise supporting organizations and causes that reflect their values. So, it is not surprising that, later in life, many of them elect to include a planned gift as part of their overall financial or estate plan. By leaving a bequest to the St. Marks Refuge Association in your will, you create a legacy by helping protect a place you value, and at the same time demonstrate and pass on your values to family and friends. You can take one last opportunity to make the world a better place. Learn more here about including a bequest in a will or trust.


The Association is also interested in working with you if you are interested in supporting a special project through a Charitable Gift. To begin discussion about special opportunities to support the Refuge, please email the Development Committee or call the Refuge (850-925-6121) and request you be contacted.


The St. Marks Refuge Association, Inc., is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization,
led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors with no paid staff.
All (100%) of your contributions go to support Reguge programs and projects.


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