Mid-Day Birding

I spent a few hours, ~10-1, birding the easily accessible areas along Lighthouse Road and Tower Pond.

Yesterday, Mark and Lisa Hughes found and photographed a first year Vermilion Flycatcher at the double dikes; I stopped there four times today and had no luck, but it is obviously worth looking for at that location. A place to easily find Yellow Warblers.

Lighthouse Pond had a nice assortment of common shorebirds, Black Skimmers, Forster's and Sandwich Terns, a single each of female N. Pintail and N. Shoveler and a three Bl-w Teal. No Spoonbills today.

The NE corner of Picnic Pond had many shorebirds, herons, and egrets, including a single each of Reddish Egret and Bl-necked Stilt, and about a dozen Cattle Egrets. The light can be brutal from the picnic area before mid-day.

The conditions at Tower Pond have improved - the flooding from the equinoctial tides has finally managed to drain away and the pond now has some exposed flats during high tide in the bay. Many shorebirds today, including nine Marbled Godwits, and a single Reddish Egret.

A few Northern Harriers are my FOS at the refuge, although I know other folks have been seeing them around.

With minimal effort a decent few hours.