October 20 & 21

October 21

Birded the refuge from 900-1330 today, hoping some birds lingered for another day after the good show yesterday. Still enough birds to keep me entertained. Birded Mounds/Tower area and around lighthouse and L. Pool. Many warblers, mostly Tennessee and Magnolia, and also B&W, C. Yellowthroat, Redstart, Hooded, Bay-breasted, Yellow, Palm, Pine, and Yellow-throated; Yellow-throated, Red-eyed, and Philly Vireo; one Scarlet and many Summer Tanagers, Indigo Buntings, large numbers of Rose-br Grosbeaks; couple of Y-billed Cuckoos; my FOS Robins and Y-b Sapsucker.

Winter Wren was in beach brush behind and just east of Lighthouse.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was about half way between SW Boat ramp road and lighthouse on various exposed perches in salt marsh opposite Lighthouse Pool (sorry Kim, Billie, and John, we found it a couple of minutes after you left for lunch). It was staying close to the road. Flyover R. Spoonbill while watching Scissor-tail.

American Avocet and six M. Godwits, among other shorebirds on Tower Pond; Avocet flew south while we were present. The storm surge has receded sufficiently from Tower Pond so there's shorebird habitat.

Bl. necked Stilt on Picnic Pond


October 20

We went down to the Lighthouse for the last hour or so of daylight yesterday, hoping for some blown in seabirds. Almost immediately had four Frigates soaring in, ultimately gliding almost motionless about 15 feet above our heads. Frigates made appearances throughout our stay. Black Tern was the only other unusual sighting for waterbirds. We then began to notice that the vegetation along the roadside was loaded with passerines, most appearing to be in an exhausted state. A Blackburnian Warbler and several Indigo Buntings were working the mowed lawn in front of Lighthouse. We quickly ran out of light, but in the short time spent looking for passerines, had Pewee, Tenn., Magnolia, B&W, Yellow, Pine, Bay-br Warblers, Redstart, Yellow-thr Vireo, Summer Tanagers, and many Rose-br Grosbeaks. Some exhausted and ruffled Empis sitting in road. Perhaps they are still around this morning.