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 Double Dikes

Double Dikes. Along the top of the northern most dike is trail 128, and along the top of the the southernmost dike is trail 127. Both run for just over one half mile before making slight turns. At that juncture they also connect with trail 106.

But why are there two dikes that run parallel to each other for just over a half a mile? The first was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps to form a boundary for Stoney Bayou 1 pool, which is a saltwater empoundment.

The second parallel dike was built to form a canal allowing freshwater to be moved from the East River back to the Stoney Bayou 2 pool, which is fresh water. This arrangement allows the Refuge biologists to control the water levels of bot pools independently for the benefit of nesting wildlife.

Walk along either one to take the first leg of one several loops that take you around the Bayous: Stoney Bayou 1 Loop, Stoney Bayou 1 and 2 Loop and Stoney Bayou 1 annd 2 Alternate Loop.