GPS Pathfinder

If you are using the printed pathfinder sheet, the embosser seal and answer to the question for each station is required.

If you are using only a smartphone, the answer to the question and a photo (selfie or of a friend) is required.

If you are unable to use the embosser or take a photo, the code is needed to receive credit for that station.

Appropriate clothing, insect repellent, drinking water and snacks are strongly recommended. When you have completed the six (6) stations, come to the Visitor Center to receive a pin, or mail this page to St. Marks NWR, P.O. Box 68, St. Marks, Florida 32355 to receive a pin by mail.

Always be Aware of Wildlife!

Thank you for visiting your refuge!

Brazilian Free-tailed Bats

N 30° 09.110’

W 084° 08.858’

How did the bats get their name?

Spanish Hole


N 30° 04.459’

W 084° 10.815’

Proceed to

N 30° 04.646’

W 084° 10.947’

How was Spanish Hole used?

Florida National Senic Trail


N 30° 07.825’

W 084° 08.701’

Proceed to

N 30° 07.432’

W 084° 08.366’

What kind of swamp will you find on the Florida Trail in St.Marks Refuge?

Headquarters Pond Trail


N 30° 05.298’

W 084° 09.869’

Proceed to

N 30° 05.327’

W 084° 09.892’

What does an alligatior make its nest from?

Fort Williams

N 30° 04.701’

W 084° 10.955’

Why was the fort built?

Naval Stores / Shell Mounds

N 30° 05.310’

W 084° 09.754’

What year was the high-water mark?

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