Stoney Bayous 1 & 2 Loop

This loop will take you on a route around Stoney Bayou 1 and Stoney Bayou 2. These two empoundments are very different because SB 1 is salt water and SB2 is fresh water. This means that SB2 will have alligators and in the winter be a home to migrating water foul.

SB2 is also a nesting area for fresh water birds, such as Black-necked Stilts. The return route takes you back down trail 128 which is a dike that separates SB1 & SB2, giving you a good view of both impoundments at the same time.

The full set of directions are:

Stoney Bayou 1 & 2 Loop      4.85 miles     1.5 to 2 hours

begin on Lighthouse Rd at Gate 127
take 127 - segment a for 0.55 miles
continue on 127 - segment b for 1.45 miles
right on 114 - segment c for 0.35 miles
right on 122 - segment d for 1.2 miles
continue on 128 - segment b for 0.75 miles
left on 128 - segment a for 0.55 miles