Stoney Bayou 1 Loop

Stoney Bayou 1 is the first large body of water on the left (east) as you drive south toward the lighthouse. It is an empoundment that is managed for wildlife. The water levels will vary with the seasons. And when the locks are open, water levels will also fluctuate with the tides.

To begin this 3 mile loop, drive to the Double Dikes and hike towards the east on numbered trail 106. The last leg is along Lighthouse Road, but that’s OK, there will likely be activity on your right in Stoney Bayou 1.

The full set of directions are:

Stoney Bayou 1 Loop      3.0 miles     45 minutes to 1 hour

begin on Lighthouse Rd at Gate 106
take 128 - segment a for 0.55 miles
right on 128 - segment b for 0.75 miles
right on 122 - segment c for 0.3 miles
right on 129 for 0.9 miles
return on Lighthouse Rd for 0.5 miles

Below are some of the sights you might encounter on the Stoney Bayou 1 Loop.