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Friends of St. Marks Wildlife Refuge

40 Days of Giving
Beginning May 14 and lasting 40 days, you can make a donation and a difference at the lighthouse. The lantern room, sitting high above view, is decaying. Rust and metal fatigue (at right) threaten this beautiful landmark. Help us over the next 40 days.
Go to Indiegogo now and Bring the Past to Light.

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<New Eagle's Eye Newsletter
The Summer 2016 issue of the Eagle's Eye, newsletter for the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, is online Now! posted 5/23/16

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Friends Nature Store
We're Not Just About Great T-shirts

Visit the Friends Nature Store, and you will see why the store is one of our recent, great success stories. And, no, we're not just about T-shirts, though we have some terrific, colorful children's and adult sizes. We have local artist gift cards, vivid coffee mugs, burnished metal water bottles and more. (All profits benefit various Refuge programs!)
Dragonfly T-Shirt

Upcoming Events

May 28, 2016
The St. Marks Refuge Photo Club meets monthly in the Monarch Room from 1-4 pm at the Refuge Visitors' Center monthly

June 4 , 2016
Watercolor Class and Demonstration for Beginners, Barred Owl Room at Visitors' Center from 1-3 more

June 5 , 2016
June's First Sunday Presentation: Hodgepodge of Ant Stories more


Revisions are progressively being made to the web site. This home page highlights the NEW logo (top left) to reflect the change in name of the Refuge support organization. Please be patient as successive pages are updated.

Construction is taking place at the lighthouse over the next several months. Until further notice, it will NOT be open on the usual "First Saturday" of each month.

Also, drones are not permitted to be launched on national wildlife refuges.  Please inform law enforcement if you see drones being used on your visit here. Thank you for your help.

Previous Events at the Refuge

April 15 , 2016
May's First Sunday Presentation: Imperiled Striped Newt more

Feb 15, 2016
View the Lighthouse Restoration Project Video here

Feb 14, 2016
Saving milkweeds for Monarch butterflies more

Feb 10, 2016
WHO Festival a success again (more)

Feb 6, 2016
Crane Class of 2015 arrives, in crates! (more)

Feb 3, 2016
The Lighthouse Kiosk and Beyond (more)

Dec 23, 2015
Friends group of the year: Award ceremony (more)

Nov 20 , 2014
Byrd Tract transfer ceremony attended by many (more)

June 1, 2015

Refuge support group adopts new name (more)

April 28, 2015

Restored lighthouse lens unveiled (more)

March 26, 2015
Efforts to save the Frosted Flatwoods salamander (more)

Land acquisition efforts need your help (more)


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